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Our expert tech leadership skills can deliver tangible benefit to your business.


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Expert tech leadership

According to my Linkedin profile, “I am a technology leader that strives for superior business enablement through digital transformation, excellence in service delivery and operational management. This is made possible through my extensive experience in the formulation of tech strategy, building solutions and implementing service management frameworks. All complemented by a focus on security, risk and compliance management and in general business management.”

Alex Cruden

Alex Cruden

Director, Technology Consultant


Phew! Where do I find the time for all that?

What that boils down to is that I’ve been working in technology leadership roles longer than I care to mention.  If I say ‘mainframe computers’, you’ll get the gist. This means I’ve been around the block a few times.

Helping your business succeed

The primary driver behind any technology solution has to be that it contributes to the generation of revenue and/or measurable cost savings. 

There’s no point going with the latest technology offering just for the sake of it! I will help identify the most appropriate solution for you, for the right reasons.

Start with the ‘why’

The way I go about determining what a business is trying to achieve involves a healthy dose of listening. Then we work together to tailor an outcome that meets the ‘why’ that started the whole thought process for you.

My style is both consultative and collaborative. I take the time to understand your challenges before recommending a solution. 

Oh, and the ‘we’ at the top of the page indicates that I can’t do everything on my own. I typically work with your team. This can be leadership group, the IT team or experts from other parts of the business. I am also comfortable working with the many excellent solution providers that are available around the country.

Common-sense approach

In the roles I’ve had over the years, I’ve figured out that some formal approaches can be a little inflexible and difficult to understand. So, I generally take a selection of what I know from various methodologies I’ve encountered. Anything from project management, application development, service management and general business management. Then I apply some real world common-sense to come up with a way forward that fits the situation!

That’s not to say there is no formal structure to what I do! But the techniques I use have to be fit for purpose and flexible enough to avoid hindering the process.

And that doesn’t mean I have all the answers to every situation. There simply isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, especially when business needs are constantly shifting. Agility and continual learning are definitely part of the job specification!

This approach includes adding benefit to your organisation by sharing knowledge. This means full participation by your team in the implementation effort so there is clear understanding of the solution delivered.

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If this all sounds like it’s what you’re looking for, get in touch using the ‘Contact Us‘ option on the menu above – I’d love to hear your story.


What People Are Saying

Digital Transformation

I had the pleasure to work with Alex during his time delivering an ERP solution for a healthcare client. Our company – EMDA – went through a rigorous and competitive selection process. Ultimately we were awarded the contract to provide a new cloud based ERP solution. During this project we worked very closely with Alex and his team.

One of the many strengths Alex has is technology experience and the ability to take a very wide view and understanding of a complex deployment such as the one we were collaborating on. It was a true pleasure to work with an astute and professional business operator.

I would be delighted to work with Alex again in the future. I highly recommend him to any company looking to embark on a new digital transformation journey.

Gary Patterson
Sales Director, Australia & NZ, EMDA

Major System Implementation

While I was project lead for a major system implementation, Alex performed the role of  executive sponsor. He provided me with consistent, calm, and considered advice to achieve the outcomes expected. His involvement encompassed coordination of the people, process, solutions, and stakeholders required.

Alex provided a steady and methodical approach to all aspects of his work, making him easy and comfortable to work with.

He has the ability to provide the right level of governance and adapt to changing landscapes with a wealth of knowledge. This showed most prominently when dealing with unexpected events and stakeholder communications.


Bernie Winter
Director, Mobi

Solutions Architecture

I had the opportunity to work closely with Alex on many occasions as a Solutions Architect and Infrastructure Engineer. Alex was challenging, demanding, insightful and supportive as well as a brilliant business owner and stakeholder.

Alex is a respected leader, capable of engaging across all levels within an organisation to achieve results. He can be trusted to balance the commercial and technical needs of a business in complex environments. Alex is also marvelously diplomatic and able to quickly turn adverse situations around to smiles and collaboration.

At all times, he is a great source of advice, always willing to assist/coach/mentor and aims to ensure a high standard of delivery to customers.

Jacques Botes
Solutions Architect, IT Security Manager