The key services we provide will help your business succeed by improving your technology solutions. Implementation focuses on the management of technology change.

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Most tech projects involve the implementation of new technology solutions. Sometimes this can be the introduction of relatively minor enhancements. Sometimes this can involve major “digital transformation”. Regardless of scale and scope, these activities will result in change for users of the technology service. 

To ensure success, the objectives must be understood by all project stakeholders: sponsors, implementation partners, service providers and affected service consumers. Additionally, the project tasks and resources must be effectively managed. 

 It is vital that these activities are carried out using appropriate project and change management methodologies. Typically, these responsibilities would be handled by specialist project or change managers. However, many companies have no expertise in these areas. Even if these functions do exist, they are often swamped by ongoing activity.

Thistle Tech’s track record of implementing tech projects means we can help you manage IT changes. The approach we use is involving and collaborative, ensuring the successful delivery of technology solutions that support your business objectives.


Our experience in the implementation and management of tech solutions means we can provide a realistic assessment of what it will take to deliver your chosen objective and advise where improvements can be made.

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