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The key services we provide will help your business succeed by improving your technology solutions.

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We deploy one or more of our services to improve your technology capability, by assisting you with:

development of a tech strategy that supports your business goals;  

implementation of tech enhancements and changes;

introduction of structure to your tech service management processes;  

management of tech security, risk and compliance.

TTL - Our Services - Strategy


At Thistle Tech we firmly believe that a digital strategy must be aligned with your company goals. This will ensure you are getting the best value from your technology asset. 

Your tech strategy must provide clarity of where your technology is heading. A good roadmap should ensure opportunities exist for the generation of revenue. Or provide cost savings for your business. As stated elsewhere in this site, “there’s no point doing it unless it brings tangible benefit”.

We have extensive expertise in assessing tech strategy to determine whether it is delivering what you want. If your roadmap doesn’t provide value to your business – or doesn’t exist at all – we can help remedy or build that strategy.

An initial discovery exercise by Thistle Tech will reveal whether your vision for technology is clearly stated and business focused. This will help gauge whether your tech solution is viable, suitable for the long haul. Above all else it must be capable of helping your business achieve the success it aspires to.  


Most tech projects involve the implementation of new technology solutions. Sometimes this can be the introduction of relatively minor enhancements. Sometimes this can involve major “digital transformation”. Regardless of scale and scope, these activities will result in change for users of the technology service.

To ensure success, the objectives must be understood by all project stakeholders: sponsors, implementation partners, service providers and affected service consumers. Additionally, the project tasks and resources must be effectively managed. 

It is vital that these activities are carried out using appropriate project and change management methodologies. Typically, these responsibilities would be handled by specialist project or change managers. However, many companies have no expertise in these areas. Even if these functions do exist, they are often swamped by ongoing activity.

Thistle Tech’s track record of implementing tech projects means we can help you manage IT changes. The approach we use is involving and collaborative, ensuring the successful delivery of technology solutions that support your business objectives.

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TTL - Our Services - Service Management

Service Management

The business of running an IT function is a complex challenge. It encompasses a huge range of tech operations that require careful management – Service Management.

Most technology service providers and IT teams use one of the recognised frameworks such as COBIT or ITIL.  These frameworks are designed to enhance service quality and reduce risks that can lead to disruption of tech services.

No matter the size or complexity of your environment, the principles embedded in formal service management frameworks are valid. They will help control the entire range of tech services. With solid, repeatable processes you can reduce service disruption and maximise your bottom line by encouraging continual improvement.

Thistle Tech can help your team become high performers in the discipline of formal technology service management. We can show your team how to build an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and improvement of tech products and services.

Security, Risk, Compliance

With reports of cyber-crime and data breach now commonplace, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by what is needed to keep your systems safe. Many businesses struggle with the burden of security and the need to prove compliance with standards expected by clients and business partners. As legislation on information security and privacy becomes more widespread, the demand for regular security audits is also increasing.

You must not underestimate how important security and risk management are to the health of your technology and your company. Nor can you afford to ignore the threat of attack on your tech systems. However, there are many simple actions that can be taken to get you on your way to a solution.

Thistle Tech can help you construct a realistic set of measures to safeguard your technology environment. Acting now will dramatically reduce the risk to your operational capability caused by system vulnerabilities. We can assist you in identifying the most appropriate security practices to protect your data (and your customers’ data).

TTL - Our Services - Security, Risk, Compliance

Our experience in the implementation and management of tech solutions means we can provide a realistic assessment of what it will take to deliver your chosen objective and advise where improvements can be made.

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