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Security, Risk, Compliance

With reports of cyber-crime and data breach now commonplace, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by what is needed in the areas of Security, Risk, Compliance to keep your systems and data safe.

Many businesses struggle with the burden of cyber-security and the need to prove compliance with standards expected by clients and business partners. As legislation on information security and privacy becomes more widespread, the demand for regular security audits is also increasing.

You must not underestimate how important security and risk management are to the health of your technology and your company. Nor can you afford to ignore the threat of attack on your tech systems. However, there are many simple actions that can be taken to get you on your way to a sensible solution.

Thistle Tech can help you construct a realistic set of measures to safeguard your technology environment. We can assist you in identifying the most appropriate security practices to protect your data (and your customers’ data) and dramatically reduce the risk to your operational capability caused by system vulnerabilities.

Our experience in the implementation and management of tech solutions means we can provide a realistic assessment of what it will take to deliver your chosen objective and advise where improvements can be made.

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