The key services we provide will help your business succeed by improving your technology solutions. Strategy focuses on your tech roadmap.

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At Thistle Tech we firmly believe that a digital strategy must be aligned with your company goals. This will ensure you are getting the best value from your technology asset. 

Your tech strategy must provide clarity of where your technology is heading. A good roadmap should ensure opportunities exist for the generation of revenue. Or provide cost savings for your business. As stated elsewhere in this site, “there’s no point doing it unless it brings tangible benefit”.

We have extensive expertise in assessing tech strategy to determine whether it is delivering what you want. If your roadmap doesn’t provide value to your business – or doesn’t exist at all – we can help remedy or build that strategy.

An initial discovery exercise by Thistle Tech will reveal whether your vision for technology is clearly stated and business focused. This will help gauge whether your tech solution is viable, suitable for the long haul. Above all else it must be capable of helping your business achieve the success it aspires to.


Our experience in the implementation and management of tech solutions means we can provide a realistic assessment of what it will take to deliver your chosen objective and advise where improvements can be made.

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